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Feb 27, 2019

Reserve Your Summer Forklift and Equipment Rentals Now—Before Everyone Else!

It's time for an early reservation reminder!

We've already booked a few forklift rentals for summer Harvest/Crush. If that's any indication of the coming months, then I need to issue a reminder now:

"Call Cromer to reserve your rental forklifts & attachments for the summer!"

The State of the Cromer Rental Fleet

The Cromer Rental Fleet grew again in 2018. With our Lift Truck Service acquisition and more BYD electrics arriving, we've added a bunch of material handling equipment:

  • Linde 5,000-6,000# forklifts – at our Manteca facility
  • Electric pallet jacks – at our Manteca facility
  • Walkie rider jacks – at our Oakland, Manteca, Sacramento facilities
  • Electric forklifts (including BYDs!) – at all facilities
  • Reach trucks – at our Oakland facility

Don't forget to reserve attachments too:

  • Rotators, bin dumpers, and carton clamps always rent out fast.
  • Forklift Chargers – Yes, we have electric battery chargers for rent! If you're renting an electric forklift or pallet jack, it needs to charge too. If you don't have an extra charger, you end up disrupting your charging routine, leaving some equipment underpowered or out of service.
Summer Forklift Rentals 2019

Many of our customers rent the same equipment for summer every year. For example, a customer in the Napa Valley always rents a group of outdoor heavy-duty forklifts plus bin dumpers. It's their Harvest time, and they have fields full of delicious wine grapes to collect.

(I'm no wine expert, but they make a great product.)

We know which customers need which items, of course. We always make the effort to get them the rentals they need.

Demand continues to grow though...unless we know ahead of time you want the equipment, and we receive a reservation from another customer, we have to honor those reservations first.

What I'm saying here is, if you normally rent equipment from us for your summer activity? Please remember to call in your reservations now.

How to Avoid Overheating During Summer Operation

Thinking about overheating might seem strange right now—it's cold outside! However, it's important to remember California's summer heat when reserving, and using, rental equipment.

  1. Don't let your forklift's forks hit the ground. Forks used over & over outside do absorb some heat. Steel attachments like carton clamps do too. Striking the ground can cause a warp or crack.
  2. Check coolant levels frequently. In summertime, I normally recommend checking coolant twice a week, at shift start.
  3. Don't overload. Overusing any material handling equipment plays a role in overheating. Be careful when using ramps frequently as well. Not only does this increase load on the forklift's engine, overloaded bins can increase chances of tipping.

No Cromer forklift will ever arrive at your job site unprepared for summer heat. With a little care, you'll be able to return them the same way.

How to Reserve Your Summer Rental Equipment

It's easy to reserve your rentals. Choose from any of these methods:

  1. Call the Cromer headquarters at 800-974-5438. Ask for the Rentals Department.
  2. Visit the Rentals page. You'll find an inventory of available equipment, and 2019 rental rates.
  3. Know exactly what you want? Head to the new Cromer Rental Form! Only takes a few minutes to fill out.

Last year I issued this reminder in April. I pushed it up to February due to customer requests. Reserve yours now, before someone else does!

Until next month!

Marshall Cromer, The Forklift Boss
Cromer Material Handling

Deal of the Month


2013 Toyota LPG Forklift

For the February Deal of the Month, we have a high-capacity warehouse forklift from Toyota. This is a Toyota FGCU45-BCS sit-down truck, 2013 model.

This forklift has cushion tires for indoor warehouse use. It has an 8000# lift capacity, three- stage mast with side shift, and only 3,522 hours on it.

A comfortable forklift to haul anything in your warehouse. Available in our Oakland facility. Priced at only $16,000.

To pick up this Toyota forklift, call Cromer at 800.974.5438 and ask for the February Deal of the Month. Or start the purchase process through eLiftruck right away!